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Diamond- RETIRED

Sire: Confetti's Apache

(Double Ott's Trippz x Panhead's Annie)

Dam: Confettie's Southern Belle

(Confetti's Boomer x Lacy)

Diamond is our older breeding female, White & Blue Leopard w/ Blue eyes and a beautiful square, blocky head.

She is very sweet and personable (for a Catahoula) and loves attention. She is definitely an alpha female when with other dogs.

Working drive and/or ability of Diamond is unknown, as we purchased her as an older dog and she was used exclusively for breeding by her previous owners. At this stage of her life, it seems her main goal in life is to soak up all of the love and affection of anyone that will give it to her!!  Her bloodlines, however, strongly suggest that her pups should make excellent working dogs.

We plan to have only one litter out of her before retiring her, so check our Current Litters for upcoming information on available puppies from a breeding between Diamond and MoJoe.

Diamond: About
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