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RMC Catahoula Barn

Small, private breeders of 

NALC Catahoula Leopard Dogs

Located in Nashoba, Oklahoma

Our current MoJoe/Katniss litter

was born March 31, 2024!!!

These pups will soon be available for selection and reservations.

(Please visit Purchasing Info  and  Current Litters for more details)

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About RMC

RMC Catahoula Barn is dedicated to breeding a very limited number of quality Catahoulas each year. Love of this unique breed has inspired our desire to produce dogs which exhibit a rewarding balance of working drive and suitability as valued members of their human families. As any experienced Catahoula owner will testify, the inherent traits of the breed can offer some interesting challenges. We here at RMC believe that the key to providing the best chance of a successful relationship with a Catahoula is placing well-bred and well-socialized puppies in environments that will be ideal to their specific needs.
The Catahoula is an extremely versatile breed - their potential is limited only by the time and attention one is willing to give them. And, as with any highly intelligent breed, they need constant stimulation to satisfy their working instincts. For that reason, we wholeheartedly agree with the NALC's motto - "Not everyone needs a Catahoula."
We also know that nothing in the world beats the partnership of a good Catahoula!!

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