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Mesquite Trail's Josey

Sire: Mesquite Trail's Rooke

(DSK's Shakr x Case's Lexie)

Dam:  Mesquite Trail's Justice

(T C's Knotty x Pawelek's Sayre)

Josey is our young breeding female. White & Blue Leopard w/ Blue eyes.

She exhibits very high drive for working livestock. Josey is also extremely intelligent, which in Catahoula language means she gets into a lot of trouble!! She's independent, athletic and strong-willed. Josey has proven to pass on loud coat and striking eye color to her offspring. Based on updates from owners of her first litter, it also seems as though she passed on her high-energy and mischievous temperament to her female offspring!!

(Note - her tail was docked due to an injury and is not a natural bob-tail.)

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