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Catahoula Breed Information

Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog

Adding a canine family member is an exciting prospect, however not all breeds are suited to certain lifestyles. If you are considering purchasing a Catahoula and are not familiar with the breed, please take a few minutes to read up on some temperament traits and history of the breed. This should help you determine if a Catahoula is the right breed for you and/or your family. In an effort to ensure that our pups are being placed in the best environments for their particular emerging traits, we will only sell to approved homes that have knowledge - either from extensive research or from past ownership experience - of the breed.

Below are a few links to help educate you on the Catahoula breed. There are many other good resources online to be found, and we also urge you to get in touch with someone that has owned Catahoulas and can give you firsthand information on the pros and cons of the breed.

Bottom line is this - if you are not prepared to deal with the ups and downs of a high-energy, strong-willed (aka stubborn!!) work-driven puppy/dog, then a Catahoula is not for you. While these traits make them ideal animals for the jobs they were bred to do, they do not always make them suitable as low-key, indoor pets.

Catahoula Breed Information: Text
Catahoula Breed Information: Text
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