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Sire: Beau

(DL Key's Sam x Down Da Bayou's Daisy)

Dam: Glover's Blue

(Bar H's Cochise x Case's Sioux)

MoJoe is our only male breeding dog. Solid Dark Brown w/ Brindle Trim & Amber eyes
* DNA tested positive for carrying one copy of the atypical Merle gene.
MoJoe shows high working drive with livestock and a strong desire to retrieve, with an otherwise playful but laid back disposition. Exhibits very little dog aggression and loves playing rough with our teenage boys!!
He has proven to pass on his large, blocky type head and substantial bone to his offspring, along with lots of coat and eye color variety. Despite his hidden Merle gene, MoJoe has yet to throw excessive white in any of his pups when bred to our double Merle females.

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